Firecode’s Fire Extinguisher Services

In any workplace, safety is paramount, and one of the critical components of maintaining a safe environment is the presence and upkeep of fire extinguishers. Not only are portable fire extinguishers a legal requirement in most workplaces, but they must also be kept in operational condition at all times, ready to be used in an emergency. This responsibility lies with the employer, who must ensure that all fire extinguishers are inspected, maintained, and tested regularly. Firecode is a leader in providing comprehensive services for fire extinguishers, ranging from inspections and maintenance to sales and storage solutions. Here, we explore what Firecode offers in detail.

Inspection, Maintenance, and Renewal Services

Firecode understands the critical nature of fire extinguishers in emergency situations. To comply with legal requirements and to ensure the safety of all employees, Firecode offers both annual and monthly inspection services. These routine checks are essential not only to meet compliance standards but also to guarantee the functionality of the extinguishers when they are needed the most.

During these inspections, Firecode technicians perform a series of tests and checks. This includes verifying that the extinguisher is accessible and not blocked by any obstacles, checking for any physical damages to the tank, hose, or nozzle, and ensuring that the pressure is at the recommended level. The seal and tamper indicators are also inspected to ensure that the extinguisher has not been used or tampered with since the last inspection.

Maintenance involves a more thorough check wherein components susceptible to wear and tear, such as O-rings and valves, are evaluated and replaced if necessary. The chemical agent inside the extinguisher is also checked to ensure it has not settled or caked, which can happen with certain types of extinguishers like dry chemical ones.

If an extinguisher fails to meet the required standards during an inspection or maintenance check, it is subjected to immediate renewal or replacement. Firecode arranges to perform these services at the most convenient time for the business, minimizing disruption to daily operations and ensuring that compliance and safety are seamlessly maintained.

Sales of Fire Extinguishers

Firecode not only services existing fire extinguishers but also provides new and reconditioned units for sale. Understanding that different environments require different types of extinguishers, Firecode offers a variety of extinguishers to suit any situation:

  • Standard Extinguishers: These include ABC and BC fire extinguishers, suitable for most common fire types including combustible materials, flammable liquids, and electrical fires.
  • Specialized Extinguishers: For environments with specific needs, Firecode provides CO2, K-Type for kitchens, Halon and Halotron for electronic and delicate equipment, as well as Purple K, Water Mist, Class D, and Super D extinguishers for chemical and metal fires.
  • Ansul Cartridge Operated and 20 LB. Dry Chem: These are specialized for industrial environments where higher capacity and effectiveness are required.

These products are available both new and reconditioned, offering flexibility and affordability to businesses looking to equip their workplaces with reliable fire suppression tools.

Parts and Storage Solutions

To support the longevity and effectiveness of fire extinguishers, Firecode also supplies replacement parts and storage solutions. Replacement parts ensure that any component of an extinguisher that becomes worn out or dysfunctional can be replaced promptly to maintain the unit’s operational integrity.

Moreover, proper storage is crucial for ensuring that fire extinguishers are readily accessible in an emergency without being exposed to conditions that could impair their functionality. Firecode offers a variety of mounting brackets that are compatible with all models of extinguishers they sell, for both wall and vehicular mounting. This ensures that regardless of where the extinguisher is placed, from office walls to inside a vehicle, it remains secure and functional.

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Firecode’s comprehensive approach to fire extinguisher servicing is designed to ensure that businesses not only comply with legal requirements but also maintain a safe working environment. With their detailed attention to inspection, maintenance, sales, and storage, Firecode stands out as a reliable partner in fire safety, ensuring that every workplace is equipped to handle fire emergencies effectively. By choosing Firecode, businesses can rest assured that their fire extinguishers are in capable hands, ready to protect property and lives.

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